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Chameleon Antenna concealment from Antenna Products. Since 1947, longer than virtually any active antenna manufacturer, Antenna Products has been designing and manufacturing antennas and antenna systems for military and defense, government, aviation, transportation and wireless infrastructure industry segments. With decades of real world experience and ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing, we supply high quality antennas for a broad range of applications including communications, navigation, RFID and machine-to-machine (M2M) networking.

In Site Development for wireless telecom, we’ve all run across sites where the jurisdiction is requiring some sort of concealment solution, but they are concerned about actually getting what they are expecting.
Many companies now use Photo-simulations to help address this concern. Unfortunately, most photo-simulations are usually a disappointment to planners and landlords, especially in regard to trees, since they are rarely a true representation of the final product. Some companies even suggest staying away from Photosims altogether.

Chameleon Engineering would suggest a better solution – a paradigm shift.